My Journey
A Natural Way to Heal

Reiki Seichem


Seichem like Reiki has its roots way back in our history and is reputedly one of the healing arts practiced in ancient Egypt. Seichem is a very subtle but powerful vibration that works on all levels of our energies - physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, chakras and aura. 

As Reiki and Seichem has no association with religion, faith or belief systems it can be received by anyone who is willing to be healed. Reiki and Seichem can also be sent across time and space to people, situations and animals. 

Sound Therapy

Instances of sound and vibrational medicine are limitless. Sound therapy improves many facets of the client's life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological health. When sound waves reach our ears, they are converted into electrical signals that travel up to the auditory nerve into the auditory cortex, the part of the brain that processes sound. Once sound waves reach our brains, they trigger responses in the body. This process alters our emotions, releases hormones and triggers certain impulses. Sound is powerful. It can change our brains, and so it changes our bodies. Breathing and sounding are the twins that conduct the creation in time and space. The interrelationship is the knowledge of future generations once again.

Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy is a holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body. Bowen therapy can be used to treat musculoskeletal or related neurological problems including acute sports injuries and chronic or organic conditions.

Bowen Therapy may offer relief from pain, long-term injuries and illnesses, improved health and flexibility, improved sporting performance, relaxation, and emotional and mental well-being. The most common reaction to Bowen Therapy is a deep sense of overall relaxation and lessening of muscular tension and pain. These result from the body's balancing and improved flow of internal energy. The restorative process begins once the body is relaxed. It is common for people to fall asleep during a session.

Advanced Theta Healing

Theta healing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator. When we connect to the Creator of all that is, our brain waves automatically go into a Theta state of mind. In this mind-state, you can create anything and change reality, instantly. The Creator has freely given us the fascinating knowledge you are about to receive. It has changed my life and the lives of many others.

Crystal Healing


Crystals made their mark in almost every civilisation before us. Since childhood, I was mesmerised and guided by them. Now I use their wisdom in the adjustment of the human energy field to raise its vibration and to support the body through the process of healing. 

Mapping the Subconscious mind with Tarot Cards


Mapping the subconscious mind with tarot cards its a beautiful insight. With great respect for the tarot practice and its origins, I invite you on a journey of clarity and wisdom.

Used by the most influential figures of the past present and most likely the future, the recorded history of tarot cards comes as early as the 15th century. However, they are speculations that the Art of Tarot originated in ancient Egypt. 

My approach is to link the cards with the energy field of the client creating a map of underneath structures of the mind, body and soul offering a beautiful symbolic insight that can be used for guidance, development of wisdom, and new ways to look into the vast field of perception.

Shambhala Healing Tools


The Etheric Weaver® is based around a 3.5" laboratory grown, double terminated, pure quartz crystal with pyramid cut ends with 2 neodymium rare earth magnets placed at the centre and wrapped in gold-fill wire. Naturally balances and aligns chakras and meridians. Has a transcendental effect and can be used for long-distance healing along with Reiki Seichem.

Soul repair