I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher of energy medicine, guiding people on the path of spiritual embodiment. I specialise being able to sync the Source with Human Consciousness while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.
As a practician of the Sacred Arts I developed an interest in Mechanics of Consciousness, subject pioneered in my opinion by Itzhak Bentov (1923-1979), inventor, mystic and author; and Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev, a Russian researcher and writer in bioenergetics and healing. 
Their knowledge had a big influence in my work development, inspiring me to learn how to invite the soul into the body, how to open it towards the abundant field of life force and tune it in harmony using stable "alkaline" frequencies that are stimulating the entire body to flow naturally towards health. The path towards natural balance and harmony is the reason I am teaching others now.

Each one of us finds its truth inside the gems of experience.